Why Choose Page for your demolition needs?

Page Demolition has unparalleled commercial and industrial demolition expertise and knowledge, more than 33 years of experience with over 500 projects completed across MA, NH, and CT. Our team treats all projects with the same determination and attention to detail, providing a high degree of quality and precision to the customer.

Demolition Services:


Commercial and Industrial

As a full-service, licensed and certified demolition contractor, we provide a full range of Interior and exterior demolition services using state of the art equipment and techniques. No job is too large for Page Demolition. Our crew is experienced with very large-scale industrial and commercial demolition projects with clients that include WPI, BU, UMASS, Harvard, and Kmart.



Selective Demolition

Need to remove one or multiple walls, remove only a building’s facade, or want to ensure that specific areas get demolished and others don’t, Page Demolition can help. Small space that needs smaller equipment? Need precision cutting? Tricky demo job? We offer the expertise and equipment to fit your selective demolition needs.


Concrete Cutting/Breaking

Page demolition has a fully trained staff, and the right equipment for your concrete cutting project. We evaluate and discuss the needs of your unique site and will match the exact tools required for the job, protecting your property and surrounding project from damage.



Mobile Plasma Cutting and Dismantling

Did you know aluminum and stainless steel can form an oxide that can make conventional cutting impossible? Page Demolition offer mobile plasma cutting technology and experienced crews that can easily cut through aluminum, stainless and any other conductive material.

We also offer dismantling and removal of large boilers, water tanks, pumps, steam piping and removal of HVAC units and underground oil tanks, arranging all permitting and environmental engineering.


Clean Outs

We specialize in all Commercial and Industrial clean outs including factories, old mills, textile companies, printing and manufacturing companies etc. Hauling away all trash, debris, and unwanted items, ensuring that waste and debris are properly recycled or disposed of per OSHA and EPA guidelines.



Robotic Demolition

Have a challenging or restricitve jobsite? We can help. With our Brokk compact robotic demolition equipment, we can access the most restrictive job sites, such as those with dust, vibration, noise restrictions, and low floor loads.

The most compact units fit through standard doorways and are light enough to be transported on passenger elevators.
Better yet, Brokk demolition robots deliver immense power, as much as excavators 3x their size.

Fume-free, low noise demolition. Our Brokk remote-controlled robots give us the advantage of staying out of harm’s way while the robot can continue to work in a hazardous environment.

Our clients are our top priority and we will work diligently to fulfill all of your needs. Contact Page Demolition today to see how we can help with your demolition or abatement project.

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